Yomitan Club



2014 Yomitan Club Shinnen Enkai

Many thank you and Mahalo to former President Fred Higa for his many accomplishments with bridging and maintaining the relationship between Yomitan, Hawaii and Yomitan, Okinawa and for the beautiful Shisaw.  Your hard work and dedication to Yomitan Club is greatly appreciated.  Also, thank you for your kind words of welcome and encouragement for the new incomming 2014 - 2016 President Mel Horimoto and his officers.  Congratulatons to all.  

This years Shinnen Enkai was Chaired by Fred Higa and other family members starting from A - H.  Thank you to all who made this event possible and one to remember.  Thank you to our talented Yomitan members for there beautiful and handsome vocals and especially to our special Guest, Grant Murata and musical ensamble and dance for our entertainment.   




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